Canon EOS Rebel T3i – Perfect imaging

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Not almost a year ago when Canon released the Canon EOS Rebel T3i SLR that normally amateur photography preferably to have, to develop the photo career.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i capture images with superb quality picture in any mode, also it has DIGIC 4 Imaging with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens.

T3i has a power mode saver for long battery life, high IOS capacity from lighter to hazy light to capture the image than T2i also with high quality video plus HD playback on the camera.

Buying option

$799.99 62

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This Canon T3i is one best seller in the market and most wished by teens out there. I love the image result as it is quite, clean and the color well blended. T3i is also good for motion picture and party night event.

This is one perfect Christmas gift for one’s self.

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Something Kids will love

Kids always prefer quite colorful object like they can’t take their eyes away from that object then they won’t stop saying “buy me one please” not just twice but a hundred times I guess.

Have you ever wonder what is the perfect gift for your little one this Christmas?

ImageDays to count are almost over, and the most awaited event is yet to happen which most excited for that event are the kids in town. They love Christmas lights, Christmas tree and sweet for midnight suffer but most of all is the generous gift exactly open at 12 midnight.

Best gift for your Child? Make sure to give them something they will never forget. Something that they can hide and share with friends when they grow up and something that they will include on their diary noted “unforgettable moment”.

They feel so much memorable on Christmas because the presence of Christmas shows the true meaning of the Holiday which is giving, sharing and loving.

Here are the lists of Toys that you can give as a gift;

  1. Barbie and the Rock Star
  2. Talking Sofia from the animated movie Sofia the First
  3. Power Wheels Lightning McQueen of Disney Cars/Cars 2
  4. Talking Eve of Wall-E Movie
  5. O-Gauge Train Set

Simple gift from the bottom of our heart gives joy to our love ones.

Play with Perry the Platypus on bed


“Where is Perry?” This is Phineas one famous line in the movie Phineas and Ferb, when he looks for Perry of course.


With this 24 inches jumbo Perry Plush toy, you will never look for Perry again. Enjoy this cute and huggable Perry Plush toy made of 100% polyester fiber.


If you love collecting stuff toy, make sure to have one of Perry because this is one of a kind platypus he is detective when you are not looking and a pet when you do.

Why I’m telling you to have this Perry Plush toy is;

  • The fabric is soft
  • Adorable and huggable
  • Can be your pillow at night
  • Safe to play
  • Can be play with any other stuff toy you have
  • Suggested for 3 years and up

What do you think?

Fast and Furious actor died helping Philippines


Paul Walker died helping Philippines from the devastation of the typhoon. He ran an event that can earn enough money to donate to people who had lost properties in Philippines. He even test drive one of the cars for the car show for the said event that caused his death.

I adore Paul Walker because after all he died happy. R.I.P. Mr. Walker!

Handy L.E.D flashlight with FM Radio

Love camping? I bet you do because if not you won’t be reading this!

What is L.E.D flashlight with FM radio?

Going out on camping does not mean staying out 1 day and 1 night it usually takes longer. Camping involves survival, mostly all the time, creepy noises at night and so many insects that bites. Nowadays, modern survival materials are being invented; one of it is the flash light. Flash light helped us see in the dark, especially when all light are out. Other modern survival thing is the radio for entertainment and one way communication. Radio stretches out information giving us knowledge and some time for our amusement whenever we feel bored.

L.E.D flashlight plus FM radio is a 2 in 1 device that can be carry anywhere we go. L.E.D flashlight plus FM radio is one most noteworthy thing to have at camping.



  1. Gives light at night like a florescent
  2. Easy to carry in bags
  3. With radio
  4. No need battery
  5. Stays long for almost 24 to 48 hours or 3 days if frequently use
  6. Good for search and rescue


See below image;


Party Deal

Bored every Christmas? I can feel you before I was not so into party every time my friends invite me out but I always say “no”.

I am just a type of person, who never wastes money for fun, but I love having fun, hang out with friends throw a party for my family, but then again I can’t because I always run out budget.

One day I took a look at the book store for budgeting and planning. Frankly speaking, it is not all about money because money fun is not all about penny. I’m tired of depression I just want to have one just once in a while.

Then, the book says something about simple but yet a spiffing idea on how to throw a party without breaking the bank. Something like I never thought would be impressive and effective.

Much more like landfills because of the thoughts and the structure of the writings in the book in other words it is easy to read and understand.


Party Subject
Seasonal Gift Ideas
Christmas Family Outing

And much more when you read the book below;LOOK-BIG-PENIS-!-hand-pointing-down-




VTech Digital Camera for only $59.99

If your child loves to take photos and video, this VTech Digital Camera is one great entity as a gift.

VTech Digital Camera comes with built-in memory for a fun shoot and short video coverage for kids ages 4 up to 10 years old. Many consumers say, that the digital camera is not bad for a kid with moving hands the camera possess a lovely sound that attracts kids to non-stop shooting.
What make this VTech Digital camera, so unique are the design; design inspired by Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars and Cars 2, it looked like a car wheel in red and black color.
Advantage and Disadvantage
Kids will surely love it
Super fun and cute
Lite and handy
Expandable memory

Powered by 4 AA battery

Parents out there I recommend this for your young one to have, especially those poses a talent of photography or art. They will surely love this VTech Digital Lightning McQueen Camera.