Blackberry 10 Phones

ImageBlackberry mobile phones are running out of devices like Q10 and Z10 which blocking Nokia in the market. Most number of sold item in the market are Blackberry Phones according to analysis, Blackberry phones are good for tracking business and for a person also on the go.

Here are some other reviews about Blackberry 10 Phones.


An Ending For A New Beginning For The BlackBerry 10 Phones?

An ending for a new beginning for the BlackBerry 10 phones is what most analysts predicted after the turnout of sales for the new devices. This quarter, the new handsets, BBQ10 and BBZ10 just sold about 2.7 million units, which are just half the sales of Nokia’s Windows Phone for the first quarter. This could be very devastating for the Canadian firm who is struggling to get back on track in the smartphone arena in the past few years.

However, CEO Thorsten Heins is staying positive among the results and turnout of events of the new devices. He is quoted as saying during a conference with investors “We are still in the early stages of this launch, but already, the BlackBerry 10 platform and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 are proving themselves to customers to be very secure, flexible and dynamic mobile computing solutions. “ He added “We’re only five months in.” Read More…


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