iTeach-English .Org

iteach                  I love reading Poem, English Quotes and watch English movie. I love teachers teaching the right word, pronouncing each word correctly and writing a sentence grammatically correct. Reason why I’m a teacher’s pet!

One day, I decided to enter the world of online ESL though I know competing with big time ESL school is the hardest thing to do. I need to risk all possible efforts and chances to get client.

I got 1, 2, and 3 enrolled client, they hired our services and pay contract for a month but month after month I am empty handed until now.

Here’s what we did…

1. I offer the service online, telling them that a new online tutorial for non-English speaker is now available.

2. You can visit enroll using our online form.
3. After filling out the form an iTeach-English staff will contact you via skype for interview and meeting with the available teacher or tutor.
4. Then before the online tutorial begin the client must pay first. Payment is depending on how many days he or she render.
5. Then the tutorial begin. (the tutorial is done via Skype)

The teacher or tutor must submit a progress report every end of the week to see if she or he is doing well. Then after the whole class or online session client must leave a feedback about the tutor.


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