Acer Iconia B1 + Candy Crash Saga Apps.

I’ve been using Acer Iconia B1 tablet for about 2 weeks now,  and since the day I had the tablet I started playing the candy crash saga. Candy Crash Saga is the most played apps online via facebook and this game is very addictive reason why individuals install this game on any android supporting device. From that day on I played and played until last night while waiting for the game to allow me play 5 more times it suddenly crashed, I wonder which one, the tablet or the apps? I tried turning off the acer tablet thinking that might work but sadly it didn’t.

I tried couple of times to force reset or shut down but no luck. I decided to wait for the battery to be drain, I just realize that battery power is now down to 20%.

Acer-Iconia-B1-A71 My frustration came in, after 3 hours past because the tablet does not do any thing for the past hours and still frozen though I am still waiting for the battery to be drained. Another 2 hours past, I decided to try to look for an online acer support, I open up my laptop searching for a solution good thing they do have one. Acer Iconia B1 is known to have a low ROM performance so mostly users run to a technician to reset the tablet.

But I can’t because it’s late night already, finally the tablet is out of power hopefully recharging and turning on the power will caused me no harm.

Good news, my tablet is back on and working smoothly however Candy Crash Saga did caused the issue because every time I playing it stops and forced closed.

I need to uninstall the apps to prevent any malfunction on my tablet. Know more about your desired tablet!


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