Legacy Dale .Com

I just found another way to loose my boredom, legacydale.com site is a business site that offers services and information how to get away from debt. Saving Money for future sake and investing the right way for future references.

They also have a website here on WordPress URL is www.financialrevival.wordpress.com hope this could help you too just like how it helped me!


Money, I guess is the most common issue not only in my country but in the entire world. Don’t you know that a single cent may change one’s life? A person or an individual starving for money can harm any one, money involves in so many ways. Let me tell you about my family; we’re not financially stable though Papa earns money every day by driving a cab, Mama earns by offering her cosmetic services to others but not all the time and with there income together at least we can eat 3 times a day. But still it’s not enough, we can’t buy new cloths, new shoes and some few new things. Mama prepare for our daily needs, food to eat and allowances for school, Papa just do the hard work every day. One day I saw my Mama staring far away in an empty backyard, no doubt Mama has a huge problem. Papa came late afternoon to rest for a while, I hear him asked Mama what wrong. Mama replied him that soon we will be out of electricity. Read More…




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