Apple MacBook Air Review

Apple MacBook Air was a better choice for me over MacBook Pro Retina. I just purchased this new version 2013 with the Haswell CPU and low power consumption infrastructure. The battery life is amazing when I did all the nonstop heavy loading I still get 76% on my battery. I had an external drive connected the whole time, and I tried to restart it four times and open some heavy application installation such as Office suite, Photoshop and more for a total of 23 applications then I ran YouTube videos in the background the whole time still my battery was not drained that fast. In my older MacBook Air given all those nonstop heavy loading, this would give me around 35% battery life.

Also, the Apple MacBook Air has run extremely cool during the entire heavy loading, installing and heavy 1080P video graphics streaming. If it was my other MacBook Air the underneath near back will be almost too hot to touch under similar situations. Further still, even without 802ac that is the new Wi-Fi connection thru the new Air, I observed that file downloading is roughly 25% faster using my new Apple MacBook Air compared to my older version of MacBook Air.

This newer version of MacBook Air has PCIe-Based Flash Storage Nearing 800 MB/s Read and Write. I experienced a super-fast write speed on my 1.1 Gig Photoshop app which seemed about 40% faster than the previous generation Apple MacBook Air. Furthermore, the newer version of MacBook Air has PCIe-based SSD modules manufactured by Samsung and is smaller compare to the old Air model SSD manufactured by Toshiba.

What I love about this new Apple MacBook Air is that it contains batteries with increased capacity driven by higher voltages like 7.3 V, 6700 mAh power battery to a 7.6 V 7150 mAh power battery which is amazing. Some of the changes consist of a redesigned expanded heat sink covering for both the CPU and GPU which makes me think why this version runs extremely cool no matter how maxed out.

Let me say again that the write speeds on huge app install is blazing faster than you can imagine. Without a question, my MacBook Air is my most treasured gem today. At first, I was kind of skeptical when I purchased this Apple MacBook Air for $1099 which presumed prognosticated a crazy long battery life, as well as improved speeds overall, but it’s real and not just a hype. It is amazing! The battery life is just stunning. I tested out the new dual stereo mic, and it is very refreshing in the record as well as the camera/video they have sharper and crisper compared to my older version of MacBook Air.

Apple MacBook Air is definitely worth spending if you are looking for a great unit that will accommodate your heavy loading usage. I will give it a 110% rate for its super-fast write speed and crazy longer battery life. This is a perfect “must-own” book which brings TRUE meaning to being “disconnected” and “portable” to people who wants to work free of the power socket.

by: Charis


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