Globe Telecom

It has been a year now that Globe is my provider, at first darned nice, very strong internet connection, after 1 year subscription that was just recently this Month I am experiencing bad service, not just with the customer service but as a whole.

Globe Telecom promise a quality service and 99% down time do not tell me that what I am experiencing is the 1% in almost every day is this how they want to make more money lowering the power of one’s subscriber to switch to a new high speed internet plan?

Recently, they are offering a new plan no land line but up to 3mbps cost 10 percent less of my plan. I’m paying 1 hundred more, and I’m getting 1mbps with land line, is this how they market their service? Of course, I thought so. If this is how they do the marketing, and they think it is amusing how it does become strategic?

Up to 3mbps no land line plan vs. 1mbps plus land line plan: Broadband Plan 999 vs. Broadband Plan 1099

Each is a Monthly plan, Globe Telecom promise ample provision seen on TV commercials and other medium of advertising but what puzzled me is why they need to lower down the power of the existing subscribers?

I asked one of the customer representatives of Globe “I want to switch my plan from 1mbps to up to 3mbps” they replied that current subscription must be fully paid, I need to pay 550 for power switching and etc.

I understand the full payment of the existing plan but paying, and more requirements are unreasonable. Globe can make the power stable though they will offer another plan for potential customers and so on. Globe can purchase new servers for new customers every year no need to make the existing customer suffer.


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