Why I Like the Canon EOS Rebel T3i

ImageThis review is from an ordinary mom’s point of view who happens to love taking pictures and adores my subject. Taking pictures is my passion ever since I was a teenager till I get married and have children. My camera is always with me wherever I go so I won’t be missing any special moments that may pop up. Over the years, I gotten to a decent level of archiving special moments through my point-and-shoot cameras, but somehow I wanted to take my photography to the next level, and this is how I came to own my Canon EOS Rebel T3i, which I believe, is an excellent camera for me.

Here’s the reason why I love the Canon EOS Rebel T3i:

User friendly: this camera is not difficult to operate and very user friendly even for first timers. My favorite feature is the auto mode without flash because of its forgiving and fantastically sharp images it delivers. The color is so crisp and true. They appear very clear that the photos become alive and real.

Super-fast: I was amazed how ridiculously fast the T3i compared to my previous cameras as far as autofocus is concerned. I was able to snap multiple pics in time a single photo took before which is really fantastic. My previous camera had an awful delay for the autofocus which made me upset since I always lost the precious moment when my toddler was on the move.

Excellent pictures: I was blown away when I saw the first picture on my T3i. The pictures were so vivid and excellent quality, and I know there’s more to this great camera. I am just touching the tip of the iceberg for what’s possible.

Wonderful video: I am not very much interested in HD video, but ever since I got this T3i, I started to like using the video because of its amazing clear footage. I took a video of my hubby and kiddo playing in the park, and I was so glad that I got this model.

Display is big and clear: with this camera, you’ll be able to see and adjust your photo-taking easily and accordingly because of its big and clear display. Almost immediately I’m able to try again and improve a shot just by seeing what I’ve gotten.

Menus are clear: the interface of T3i is so intuitive because any user can learn a lot without even opening the manual. But, you should read the user manual to know more of the features and use it to your advantage.

Lens is cool: The kit lens for this camera is so cool and so easy to use. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i gave me the zoom and focus I need for now which I find so interesting.

Eye-Fi compatible: One of my favorite features is the eye-fi. I just love this feature! You can set up your pictures to automatically upload to your computer if you have an eye-fi card. If you are within range of your synched wireless network it will automatically upload the photos. You  just set up a SmugMug account and the eye-fi capabilities, and you’re all set. Be reminded though that eye-fi from time-to-time requires maintenance and understanding from all parties uploading stuff. So, it can sometimes take some of your time.

Normal battery life: the battery life for this camera lasts even when taking pictures like a madwoman. It charges quickly and lasts very well during normal photo-taking. Otherwise, if you are constantly uploading pictures via the eye-fi connection, you better invest in an A/C adapter even if means having to swap over to the A/C and then back to a battery every time.

I would be honest to say that the DSLRs can be bulky at times, but I still love this camera. It’s an awesome camera all around and truly impressive. I know there are higher tiers of quality out there, but for me, this is the perfect camera to use in following my kids around. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i captures outstanding shots quickly and clearly, which is just what I need.

article by: Charis


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