Showbiz Review: How did Paulo Avelino cure anxiety?


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Philippines famous TV5 actor Paulo Avelino is an immensely promising man in showbiz his career growth went up after different project offered by TV5. Guess Hosting, Drama Series and now Indi-Films make him busy lately. A revelation on his interview 4 days ago at TV5 he admitted that he experienced anxiety disorder causing him to endeavor suicide. Question, how did he overcome the issue?

He seems so look well, after all, making himself busy is what I can see cured him of such dangerous act and illness.

According to Mark Pasay the author of the book “Ease out of Fear” Fear and Anxiety are part of one’s life, but too much is disease causing Mental and Emotional Disorder. Treat yourself with stress free life.


The book Ease out of Fear by Mark Pasay pertaining to Panic Attack Treatment, the book contains:

  1. Worry Fundamental Facts
  2. Simple strategic in analysing worry.
  3. Breakings worry habit.
  4. Seven ways to improve a mental attitude towards peace and joy.
  5. Golden Rule for conquering worry.
  6. How to keep from worrying about criticism.
  7. Six ways to prevent fatigue and anxiety and keep your energy and spirits high.
  8. How to find a job that will bring joy and a successful journey
  9. Reduce Financial Worries
  10. How I conquered fear.

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