Handy L.E.D flashlight with FM Radio

Love camping? I bet you do because if not you won’t be reading this!

What is L.E.D flashlight with FM radio?

Going out on camping does not mean staying out 1 day and 1 night it usually takes longer. Camping involves survival, mostly all the time, creepy noises at night and so many insects that bites. Nowadays, modern survival materials are being invented; one of it is the flash light. Flash light helped us see in the dark, especially when all light are out. Other modern survival thing is the radio for entertainment and one way communication. Radio stretches out information giving us knowledge and some time for our amusement whenever we feel bored.

L.E.D flashlight plus FM radio is a 2 in 1 device that can be carry anywhere we go. L.E.D flashlight plus FM radio is one most noteworthy thing to have at camping.



  1. Gives light at night like a florescent
  2. Easy to carry in bags
  3. With radio
  4. No need battery
  5. Stays long for almost 24 to 48 hours or 3 days if frequently use
  6. Good for search and rescue


See below image;



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